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You are at the section Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths (sorted by name)

Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name December 15

Last Updated 12-17-2019

🎭Maude Apatow -- is 22 in the year 2019 and 23 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1997 N.S.
TV Shows: Euphoria
Movie Titles: This is 40, Knocked Up, Funny People, Other People

🎭Aashika Bhatia -- is 20 in the year 2019 and 21 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1999 N.S.
Actress, India

🎭🏆Nichole Bloom -- is 30 in the year 2019 and 31 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1989 N.S.
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Superstore (as Cheyenne)
Movie Titles: Project X

🎭Heidi Bohay -- is 60 in the year 2019 and 61 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1959
Group Names: Michael Spound's wife
TV Shows: Hotel (as Megan Kendall)
Movie Titles: Superstition, Thursday's Child

🎭Adam Brody -- is 40 in the year 2019 and 41 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1979
TV Shows: The O.C. (as Seth Cohen)
Movie Titles: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Ring, Jennifer's Body

🎭💻Rachel Brosnahan -- is 29 in the year 2019 and 30 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1990 N.S.
Actress, Producer, Internet Video Actress
Misc: sources state b. April 2 or July 12 but she insists that she was born on Dec 15, 1990
TV Shows: Manhattan (as Abby Isaacs), House of Cards (as Rachel Posner), The Blacklist, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (as Miriam "Midge" Maisel)
Movie Titles: Beautiful Creatures, The Finest Hours, The Unborn

🎭Chandler Canterbury -- is 21 in the year 2019 and 22 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1998 N.S.
Movie Titles: Repo Men, Knowing

⚛🎭Melanie Chartoff -- is 69 in the year 2019 and 70 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1950
Inventor, TV/Movie Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: Fridays, Parker Lewis Can't Lose (as principal Ms. Grace Musso)

✍🎭Alex Cox -- is 65 in the year 2019 and 66 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1954
Author, Screenwriter, Actor, Director, English
Movie Titles: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Sid and Nancy, Repo Man

🎭Charlie Cox -- is 37 in the year 2019 and 38 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1982 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Boardwalk Empire, Daredevil (as Matt Murdock / Daredevil, also in The Defenders)
Movie Titles: The Theory of Everything, Stone of Destiny, Stardust, Moby Dick

🎭Geoffrey Davies -- is 77 in the year 2019 and 78 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1942
Actor, English
TV Shows: Doctor in Charge, Doctor on the Go, Doctor in the House (as Dr. Dick Stuart-Clark)

🎭🏆Kimberly Donley -- is 54 in the year 2019 and 55 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1965
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: March 1993

🎭Marta DuBois -- is 67 in the year 2019 and 68 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1952
TV/Soap Actress, Panamaian
TV Shows: Tales of the Gold Monkey, Passions

🎭George O. Gore II -- is 37 in the year 2019 and 38 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1982
Actor, Director
TV Shows: New York Undercover (as Gregory G. Williams), My Wife and Kids (as Michael Richard Kyle Jr.), Second Generation Wayans (as George)
Movie Titles: The Devil's Advocate, Juice

🎭David Gwillim -- is 71 in the year 2019 and 72 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1948
Actor, English

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✍🎭John Lee Hancock -- is 63 in the year 2019 and 64 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1956
Screenwriter, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Snow White and the Huntsman, The Alamo, The Rookie, The Blind Side, Savin Mr. Banks

🎭Reginald Hudlin -- is 58 in the year 2019 and 59 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1961
Movie Titles: Django Unchained, House Party, Boomerang, The Ladies Man

⛪🎭🎵Don Johnson -- is 70 in the year 2019 and 71 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1949
Protestant, TV/Movie Actor, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Flatt Creek, Mo.; RN:Donald Wayne; 2x Melanie Griffith's hubby
TV Shows: From Here to Eternity, Miami Vice (as Det. James 'Sonny' Crockett), Nash Bridges (star)
Movie Titles: Tin Cup

🎭Paul Kaye -- is 55 in the year 2019 and 56 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1964 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Zapped, Game of Thrones (as Thoros of Myr)
Movie Titles: It's All Gone Pete Tong, Match Point, Anyone For Pennis?

🎭🎵Felicity La Fortune -- is 65 in the year 2019 and 66 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1954
Actress, Mezzo-Soprano, Opera Singer
Movie Titles: All I Want for Christmas

✍🎭William Link -- is 86 in the year 2019 and 87 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1933
Hall of Famer, Screenwriter, TV Producer
TV Shows: Columbo, Murder She Wrote
Movie Titles: Rollercoaster

🎭🎮Camilla Luddington -- is 36 in the year 2019 and 37 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1983
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, English
TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy (as Dr. Jo Wilson)
Movie Titles: William and Kate (TV movie)
Video Games: Infinite Crisis, Tomb Raider (as Lara Croft), Rise of the Tomb Raider

🎭🎵Karen Morrow -- is 83 in the year 2019 and 84 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1936
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: Jim Nabors Hour, Tabitha (as Aunt Minerva), Friends (1980), Ladies' Man
Movie Titles: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (TV movie)

🎭David Niven Jr. -- is 77 in the year 2019 and 78 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1942
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: The Eagle Has Landed, Escape to Athena, Rush Hour 3

🎭Stefania Owen -- is 22 in the year 2019 and 23 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1997
Names/Places: MN: LaVie
TV Shows: Running Wilde, The Carrie Diaries, Chance (as Nicole Chance)
Movie Titles: Coming Through the Rye, Krampus, The Lovely Bones

🎭Thaao Penghlis -- is 74 in the year 2019 and 75 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1945
Actor, Australian
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Tony DiMera), Mission: Impossible (as Nicholas Black 1989)

🎭Molly Price -- is 53 in the year 2019 and 54 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1966
TV Shows: Bless This House (as Phyllis), Third Watch (as Faith Yokas)
Movie Titles: How Do You Know, Chasing Sleep, Sweet and Lowdown

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🎭Justin Ross -- is 65 in the year 2019 and 66 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1954
Actor, Producer/Director, Panelist
TV Shows: Tomorrow's Thespians (judge)
Movie Titles: A Chorus Line, Quick Change, Plan B, Green Plaid Shirt

🎭Michael Shanks -- is 49 in the year 2019 and 50 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1970
Actor, Director, Canadian
TV Shows: Burn Notice, Stargate SG-1 (as Dr. Daniel Jackson), Saving Hope (as Dr. Charlie Harris)
Movie Titles: Elysium, Stargate: Continuum

🎭Helen Slater -- is 56 in the year 2019 and 57 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1963
TV/Movie Actress
TV Shows: The Lying Game, Supergirl (as Eliza Danvers)
Movie Titles: The Secret of My Success, City Slickers, Supergirl, Ruthless People

🎭Geoff Stults -- is 42 in the year 2019 and 43 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1977 N.S.
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: 7th Heaven, Finder, The Odd Couple (as Murph)
Movie Titles: Wedding Crashers, She's Out of My League, The Break-Up, J. Edgar

🎭Julie Taymor -- is 67 in the year 2019 and 68 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1952 N.S.
Movie Director
Misc: Broadway's "The Lion King" director
Movie Titles: Across the Universe, Frida, Titus, The Tempest

🎭Erika Tham -- is 20 in the year 2019 and 21 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1999 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Actress, Singaporian
TV Shows: Make It Pop

🎭Stuart Townsend -- is 47 in the year 2019 and 48 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1972
Actor, Director, Irish
TV Shows: XIII: The Series (as XIII), Salem (as Dr. Samuel Wainwright)
Movie Titles: Head in the Clouds, Queen of the Damned, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, About Adam, Shooting Fish, Chaos Theory, Shade

🎭Garrett Wang -- is 51 in the year 2019 and 52 in the year 2020; b.12/15/1968
TV Actor
Names/Places: Pron: WONG
TV Shows: Star Trek: Voyager (as communications officer Ensign Harry Kim)
Movie Titles: Raising Sun, Survival Island, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

🎭Margaret Bannerman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1896 d.4/25/1976 (79)
Actress, Canadian

✍🎭Kermit Bloomgarden -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1904 N.S. d.9/20/1976 N.S. (71)
Playwright, Stage Producer
Misc: Diary of Anne Frank, Music Man

🎭Jeff Chandler -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1918 d.6/17/1961 (42)
Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RN:Ira Grossel

✍🎭Tim Conway -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1933 N.S. d.5/14/2019 N.S. (85)
Hall of Famer, Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian, Variety Show Host
Names/Places: b. in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
TV Shows: McHale's Navy (as Ensign Charles Parker), Rango, Tim Conway Show, Carol Burnett Show, Ace Crawford P.I. (star), Married With Children (as Ephraim), Clueless (as Elroy "Bob" Hubley)

🎭Gordon Douglas -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1907 d.9/29/1993 (85)
Movie Director
TV Shows: Our Gang

🎭Cassandra Harris -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1948 d.12/28/1991 (43)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Australian
Names/Places: Pierce Brosnan's wife
TV Shows: Remington Steele (occ)

🎭Betty Kean -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1915 d.9/29/1986 (70)

🎭Jimmy Nelson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1928 N.S. d.9/24/2019 N.S. (90)
Game Show Host, Ventriloquist
Misc: 1950s variety & quiz TV shows; N-E-S-T-L-E-S ads 50-60s
TV Shows: Down You Go

✍🎭Yasujiro Ozu -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1903 d.12/11/1963 (59)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Director, Japanese
Misc: d. Dec 12?

🎭🎵Harry Milton Ray -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1946 d.10/1/1992 (45)
Actor, Singer
Group Names: Ray, Goodman and Brown

🎭Michel Renault -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1927 d.1/29/1993 (65)
Ballet Dancer, French

🎭Kasey Rogers -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1926 d.7/6/2006 (79)
TV Actress
TV Shows: Bewitched (as Louise Tate)

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🎭James Schneider -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1881 d.2/14/1967 (85)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Keystone Kops

🎭Mark Tapscott -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1924 d.9/10/1993 (68)
Soap Actor
TV Shows: Young and The Restless

🎭Bob Todd -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1921 d.10/21/1992 (70)
Actor, Comedian, English
TV Shows: Benny Hill Show (regular)

🎭Frank Vosper -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1899 d.3/6/1937 (37)
Actor, English

🎭🎵Jerry Wallace -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1928 d.5/5/2008 (79)
TV Actor, Singer, Country-Pop Performer
Misc: some say b. 1933
Song Titles: Primrose Lane

🎭Rudolf von Laban -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/15/1879 d.7/1/1958 (78)
Choreographer, Czech

✍⛪🎭Harold Egbert Camping -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/19/1921 d.12/15/2013 (92)
Author, Evangelist, Radio Broadcaster
Misc: president of Family Radio

🎭Booth Colman -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/8/1923 d.12/15/2014 (91)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Movie Titles: Planet of the Apes

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🎨✍🎭Walt Disney -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/5/1901 d.12/15/1966 (65)
Hall of Famer, Animator, Writer, TV Host, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Chicago, IL; FN:Walter Elias
Misc: Cartoon Creator, Empire Founder; Created Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, etc.; produced Snow White, the first animated movie; Disneyland TV Show host; created Disneyland in Anaheim, planned Walt Disney World in Florida that opened five years after his death
TV Shows: Disneyland (host)

🎭Edward Earle -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/16/1882 d.12/15/1972 (90)
Actor, Canadian

✍🎭Blake Edwards -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/26/1922 d.12/15/2010 (88)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Tulsa, OK; RN:William Blake McEdwards; Julie Andrews' hubby
Movie Titles: 10, SOB, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Pink Panther

🎭Joan Fontaine -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/22/1917 d.12/15/2013 (96)
Movie Actress, Japanese
Names/Places: b. in Tokyo; RN:Joan de Havilland; Olivia De Havilland's sister

🎭José González-González -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/7/1922 d.12/15/2000 (78)

🎭Nicholas Victor Leslie "Nicky" Henson -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/12/1945 N.S. d.12/15/2019 N.S. (74)
Actor, English

🎨✍🎭Harry Hershfield -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/13/1885 d.12/15/1974 (89)
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Humorist, Cartoon Voice Actor, Panelist
Misc: Raconteur; Abie the Agent
TV Shows: Can You Top This? (panelist)

🎭Bern Hoffman -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/17/1913 d.12/15/1979 (66)

🎭🎵🏆Fran Jeffries -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/18/1937 d.12/15/2016 N.S. (79)
Actress, Dancer, Singer, Model

🎭Charles Laughton -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/1/1899 d.12/15/1962 (63)
Movie Actor, Movie Director, English, Gay
Names/Places: Elsa Lanchester's hubby
Movie Titles: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Man on the Eiffel Tower, Witness For the Prosecution, Mutiny on the Bounty, Spartacus

🎭Serge Lifar -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/2/1905 d.12/15/1986 (81)
Choreographer, French
Misc: of ballet

✍🎭Anatole Litvak -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/21/1902 d.12/15/1974 (72)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Producer/Director, French, Russian

🎭🏆Jock Mahoney -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/7/1919 d.12/15/1989 (70)
TV/Movie Actor, Stuntman, Diver, Gymnast
Names/Places: RN:Jacques O'Mahoney; Sally Field's stepdad
Misc: WWII fighter pilot
TV Shows: Tarzan (1962-63), Yancy Derringer & The Range Rider (star)

🎭Arnold Moss -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/28/1911 d.12/15/1989 (78)

🎭Jean Page -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/3/1895 d.12/15/1990 (95)
Movie Actress
Names/Places: RN:Lucille Beatrice O'Hair Smith

✍🎭Jean Rollin -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/3/1938 d.12/15/2010 (72)
Novelist, Actor, Movie Director, French

🎭Varela Silva -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/15/1929 d.12/15/1995 (66)
Entertainment Figure

🎭🎵Rufus Thomas -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/26/1917 d.12/15/2001 (84)
Hall of Famer, Choreographer, Songwriter, Radio Disc Jock, Soul Singer
Names/Places: b. in Cayce, MS; Carla's father
Misc: some say b. Mar 28
Song Titles: Do The Funky Chicken, Walking The Dog

🎭Chill Wills -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/18/1903 d.12/15/1978 (75)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: 1930-40s Hollywood & 1960s TV westerns
Movie Titles: Francis the Talking Mule (series voicist)

🎭John Zaremba -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/22/1908 d.12/15/1986 (78)
TV Shows: I Led Three Lives (as special agent Jerry Dressler), The Time Tunnel (as Dr. Raymond Swain)

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