Demented Datebooks: Comedy Today in Birthdays and Deaths (sorted by name) -- May 17
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Demented Datebooks: Comedy Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name May 17

Last Updated 06-05-2018

🎵Enya -- is 57 in the year 2018 and 58 in the year 2019; b.5/17/1961
Songwriter, Pianist, New Age Singer, Irish
Names/Places: RN:Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin; PRON:Enya Nee VREE-nine
Misc: Whimsical Will's raving fave
Song Titles: Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
Album Titles: Enya, Watermark, Shepherd Moons, The Celts, The Memory of Trees, A Day Without Rain

🎭Craig Ferguson -- is 56 in the year 2018 and 57 in the year 2019; b.5/17/1962 N.S.
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Drew Carey Show (as Nigel Wick), The Late Late Show (host)

🎭Tahj Mowry -- is 32 in the year 2018 and 33 in the year 2019; b.5/17/1986
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Baby Daddy (as Tucker Dobbs), Kim Possible (as Wade Load), Smart Guy (as T.J. Henderson)
Movie Titles: Seventeen Again

🎭Bobby Porter -- is 66 in the year 2018 and 67 in the year 2019; b.5/17/1952
Actor, Stuntman
Misc: midget stunt double
TV Shows: Quark (as Andy the Robot), Malcolm in the Middle (stunt coordiator)
Movie Titles: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jumanji

🎭Bob Saget -- is 62 in the year 2018 and 63 in the year 2019; b.5/17/1956
TV Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, Variety Show Host, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia
TV Shows: Full House (as Danny Tanner also on Fuller House), America's Funniest Home Videos, How I Met Your Mother (as Older Ted Mosby), 1 vs 100 (host)
Movie Titles: Entourage (as himself), Madagascar

✍🎭🎵Howard Ashman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.5/17/1951 d.3/14/1991 (39)
Dramatist/Playwright, Director, Lyricist, Gay
Movie Titles: Little Shop of Horrors, The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast

Ayatollah Khomeini -- Birth Anniversary -- b.5/17/1903 d.6/4/1989 (86)
Head of State
Names/Places: FN:Ruhollah
Misc: Iran leader; June 4 date of decease is Iran time, some say b. 1901 or 1902 or Sep 23 1902, another news source said b. 1900

🎵Bob Merrill -- Birth Anniversary -- b.5/17/1921 d.2/17/1998 (76)
Lyricist, Songwriter
Misc: wrote scores to the musicals "Funny Girl" and "Carnival"
Song Titles: How Much is That Doggie in the Window (writer)

🎵Country Dick Montana -- Birth Anniversary -- b.5/17/1955 d.11/8/1995 (40)
Singer, Drummer
Names/Places: RN:Daniel Monty McLain
Group Names: The Beat Farmers, soloist
Song Titles: Happy Boy, Lakeside Trailer Park (previous titles as Beat Farmers lead)

🎭Bill Paxton -- Birth Anniversary -- b.5/17/1955 d.2/25/2017 N.S. (61)
Actor, Producer/Director
Song Titles: Fish Heads (video)
TV Shows: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (as John Garrett), Training Day (as Det. Frank Rourke)
Movie Titles: Aliens, Edge of Tomorrow, True Lies, Apollo 13, Twister, Titanic, Mighty Joe Young, A Simple Plan, U-571, Thunderbirds To The Rescue

Robert Smith Surtees -- Birth Anniversary -- b.5/17/1803 d.3/16/1864 (60)
Novelist, English
Misc: Novelist of the chase and the creator of Mr. Jorrocks, one of the great comic characters of English literature, a Cockney grocer who is as blunt as John Bull and entirely given over to fox hunting.

🎨Dave Berg -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/12/1920 N.S. d.5/17/2002 N.S. (81)
Misc: Mad Magazine

🎭🎵Frank Gallop -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/30/1900 d.5/17/1988 (87)
Actor, Announcer, Novelty Singer
Song Titles: The Ballad of Irving
TV Shows: Buick Circus Hour (ringmaster), Perry Como Show, Kraft Television Shows

🎭Frank Gorshin -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/5/1934 d.5/17/2005 (71)
Actor, Comedian, Impressionist
Names/Places: b. in Pittsburgh
TV Shows: Batman (as The Riddler)

🎭Robert E. "Wheezer" Hutchins -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/29/1925 N.S. d.5/17/1945 N.S. (20)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Our Gang

⛪🎭🎵Tony Randall -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/26/1920 d.5/17/2004 (84)
Jewish, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Tulsa, Okla.; RN:Leonard Rosenberg; Florence's hubby
TV Shows: One Man's Family (as Mac, Mr. Peepers' Harvey Weskit), The Odd Couple (as Felix Unger), Tony Randall Show (as Judge Walter Franklin), Love-Sydney (as Sidney Shorr)

🎨⛪🎭🎵Donna Summer -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/31/1948 d.5/17/2012 (63)
Hall of Famer, Artist, Baptist, Movie Actress, Songwriter, Disco Singer
Names/Places: Bruce Sudano's wife, b. in Boston; RN:LaDonna Andrea Gaines; NN:The Queen of Disco
Misc: novelty song about her: Donna Summer On The Radio
Song Titles: Last Dance, Hot Stuff, Love To Love You Baby, Heaven Knows, I Feel Love, Bad Girls, MacArthur Park, No More Tears (Enough Is Enough with Barbra Streisand), On The Radio, Sunset People, The Wanderer, Dim All The Lights, She Works Hard for the Money, Love is in Control, Dinner With Gershwin, This Time I Know It's For Real
Album Titles: Live and More, Love to Love You Baby, I Remember Yesterday, Bad Girls, The Wanderer, She Works Hard for the Money
Movie Titles: Thank God It's Friday

🎵Johnny "Guitar" Watson -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/3/1935 N.S. d.5/17/1996 N.S. (61)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Pianist, Blues Guitarist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: influenced musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa

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🎵Lawrence Welk -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/11/1903 d.5/17/1992 (89)
Music Producer, Accordionist, Bandleader, Conductor
Names/Places: b. in Strassburg, MD; NN: The King of Champagne Music
Misc: Polka
TV Shows: The Lawrence Welk Show (host)

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In 1940, The Donald Duck film, “Bill Posters” is released. Goofy also appears.

In 1958, on the cover of TV Guide: “Danny Thomas and TV Family”. Other Articles: Names of Theme Songs, Maverick

In 1969, R.C., “My Wife, My Dog, My Cat” by Maskman and The Agents peaked at #92 on the pop singles chart.

In 1975, R.C., “The Funky Gibbon” by The Goodies peaked at #79 on the pop singles chart.

In 1977, “Toledo Window Box” album by George Carlin was certified Gold by the RIAA

In 1980, VS Kumar Anandan sets record of balancing on 1 foot for 33 hrs.

In 1985, 05 x 17 = 85

In 1986, R.C., “The Chicken Song” by Spitting Image peaked at #1 on the U.K. pop singles chart.

In 1989, Longest Cab Ride Ever: 14,000 miles cost $16,000!

In 1992, bandleader Lawrence Welk died in Santa Monica, Calif., of pneumonia at age 89. Known for his “champagne music” style, he hosted his own TV show, which ran on ABC for 16 years and continued in syndication for 11 more. His biggest pop hit came in 1961 when “Calcutta” topped Billboardʹs Hot 100 for two weeks.

In 1992, bandleader Lawrence Welk dies in Santa Monica, Calif., of pneumonia at age 89. Known for his “champagne music” style, he hosted his own TV show, which ran on ABC for 16 years and continued in syndication for 11 more. His biggest pop hit came in 1961 when “Calcutta” topped Billboardʹs Hot 100 for two weeks.

In 1997, in Plainville, CT, Tony Quirion saw a dealership flier for a 1983 Cadillac that said the “First 10,000 Bananas Takes It.” So, he called up a fruit wholesaler and priced out 10,000 bananas for about $1,100 — less than half the cash price of the Caddy. Quirion then showed up at Chrisʹ Auto Wholesalers along with the mountain of bananas and got the car. “I opened my mouth and someone brings in bananas,” Pio said. “I had to hold myself to my word.”

In 2000, the series finale of “Beverly Hills 90210” aired after ten long years and 300 episodes with the marriage of David and Donna. The “teenage” actors started out just joining Social Security and will be retiring at the Rest Home For Washed Up Teen Idols.

In 2000, “Hooray For Boobies” album by Bloodhound Gang was certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA

In 2000, They Might Be Giants begins offering its second MP3-only release, the EP “Working Undercover For The Man.” Comprised of all new, previously unreleased studio recordings, the eight-song set is available via for $7.99, with single tracks available for 99 cents each.

In 2004, Actor Tony Randall died in New York at age 84.

In 2005, Impressionist and actor Frank Gorshin died in Burbank, California, at age 72.

In 2085, 05 x 17 = 85

The Holiday Almanacs May 17, 2019

What's Today?

Today is Fri May the 17 in the year 2019
Jan 1 began on a Tue
This is day 137 of the year
Serialnumber = 43590
Julian date = 2458609 O.S.= 5 - 4 - 2019



Feast of St. John Nepomucenus.
Feast of St. Paschal Baylon, confessor.
St. Madron Feast Day
World Telecommunications Day
National Hospital Week (Day 6)
Salvation Army Week (Day 5)
Alcohol and Other Drug Related Birth Defects Week (Day 6)
Kiwanis Prayer Week (Day 6)
National Educational Bosses Week (Day 6)
National Hamburger Week (Day 6)
National Historic Preservation Week (Day 6)
National Nursing Home Week (Day 6)
National Osteoporosis Prevention Week (Day 6)
National Safe Kids Week (Day 6)
National Salvation Army Week (Day 6)
National Small Business Week (Day 6)
National Stuttering Awareness Week (Day 6)
Universal Family Week (Day 6)
National Police Week (Day 6)
[Angel's Camp, Calif] Jumping Frog Jubilee
National Transportation Week (Day 6)
[USA] National Defense Transportation Day
[USA] National Transportation Week (Day 6)
Constitution Day (Norwegian Independence Day).
National Memo Day
[Cuba] Agrarian Reform/Peasant Day
[Norway] Independence Day/Constitution Day (1814)
[UN] World Telecommunications Day


Astrological Sign: Gemini: The Twins (5-21 thru 6-20); Ruling Planet: Mercury. Element: Air. Traits: Mentally active, talkative, versatile. Body part associated with this sign: The arms. Occupations: Crafts, communications, work dealing with intricate problems, sales, small businesses.
Flowers: Hawthorne and Lily of the Valley
Gem: Emerald and Agate
Full Moon: the Flower Moon, the Song Moon and the Hare Moon or the Faery Moon.
Better Hearing Month
Better Sleep Month
Breathe Easy Month
Correct Posture Month
Date Your Mate Month
Electrical Safety Month
Family Support Month
Foot Health Month
Freedom Shrine Month
Fresh Florida Tomato Month
Gazpacho Aficionado Time
Good Car Keeping Month
Healthy Baby Month
Home Improvement Months (not the TV show) (from April-Sep)
International Better Hearing Month
Iowa Tourism Month
May's name comes from the Latin word maiores, or elders.
Mental Health Month
Modern Dance Month
Motorcycle Awareness Month
National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month
National Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Month
National Arthritis Month
National Asparagus Month
National Barbecue Month
National Bike Month
National Birds of Prey Month
National Car Maintainence Month
National Correct Posture Month
National Digestive Disease Awareness Month
National Duckling Month
National Egg Month
National Foster Care Month
National Fungal Infection Awareness Month
National Guy Pride Month
National Hair Color Month!
National Hamburger Month
National High Blood Pressure Month
National Huntington's Disease Awareness Month
National Labor History Month
National Mime Month
National National Hamburger Month
National Photo Month
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
National Radio Month
National Reverse Your Work Schedule Month
National Salad Month
National Senior Citizen Month
National Senior Travel Month
National Sight-Saving Month
National Steelmark Month
National Strawberry Month
National Stroke Awareness Month
National Tavern Month
National Traume Awareness Month
National Tuberous Sclkerosis Awareness Month
Older Americans Month
Peace Month
Person History Awareness Month
Project Safe Baby Month
REACT CB-Radio Month
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
Sight Saving Month
Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month
Social Sciences Books Month
Touring Theatre Month
Festival of Dea Dia (Roman goddess of cornfields).
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