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You are at the section Demented Datebooks: Comedy Today in Birthdays and Deaths (sorted by name)

Demented Datebooks: Comedy Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name for January 18

Last Updated 06-08-2018

✍🎭Alison Arngrim -- is 56 in the year 2018 and 57 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1962
Author, Actress, Comedienne
Names/Places: Stefan's sister, Norma MacMillan (cartoon voicist) and Thor's daughter
Misc: her father managed a comedy group named "The Village Idiots", whose sketches were featured on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert.
Book Titles: Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated
Album Titles: Heeere's Amy (portraying Amy Carter which got some airplay on Dr. Demento's radio show)
TV Shows: Little House on the Prairie (as Nellie Oleson Dalton)

🎭Dave Attell -- is 53 in the year 2018 and 54 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1965
Actor, Comedian, Producer
TV Shows: Insomniac

🎭🎵Tom Bailey -- is 62 in the year 2018 and 63 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1956
Actor, Keyboardist, Pianist, Synthesizer, Hip-Pop Singer, English
Names/Places: RN:Thomas Alexander Bailey; Alannah Currie's ex-
Misc: some say b. 1956 or June 18
Group Names: Thompson Twins
Movie Titles: Ghostbusters (1984), Easy A, 10 Things I Hate About You, 50 First Dates

🎨🎭Burnie Burns -- is 45 in the year 2018 and 46 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1973 N.S.
Animator, Actor, Comedian, TV Host, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Lazer Team, The Outfield, Red vs. Blue (series)

🎭Sarah Gilman -- is 22 in the year 2018 and 23 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1996 N.S.
Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: Last Man Standing (as Cammy Harris), I Didn't Do It (as Delia Delfano)
Movie Titles: For You I Will Fight, Hold For Laughs

🎵Jeremy Healey -- is 56 in the year 2018 and 57 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1962
Hip-Pop Musician, English
Group Names: Haysi Fantayzee, E-Zee Possee
Song Titles: Shiny Shiny

✍🎭Jane Horrocks -- is 54 in the year 2018 and 55 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1964
Writer, Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, English
TV Shows: Fifi and the Flowertots, Foxbusters, Absolutely Fabulous, Little Voice, Trollied
Movie Titles: Corpse Bride, Chicken Run, Little Voice

🎭🎵Brett Hudson -- is 65 in the year 2018 and 66 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1953
Comedian, Singer, Musician
Names/Places: The Hudson Brothers with brothers Mark & Bill
TV Shows: The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show

🎭Jason Segel -- is 38 in the year 2018 and 39 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1980
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Freaks and Geeks (as Nick Andopolis), How I Met Your Mother (as Marshall Eriksen)
Movie Titles: Knocked Up, The Five-Year Engagement, Despicable Me, The Muppets (2011), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Love You Man

🎵"Legs" Larry Smith -- is 74 in the year 2018 and 75 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1944
Musician, Drummer, Novelty Performer
Group Names: The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

🎭Morgan York -- is 25 in the year 2018 and 26 in the year 2019; b.1/18/1993 N.S.
TV Shows: Hannah Montana (as Sarah)
Movie Titles: Cheaper by the Dozen (series)

Ray Dolby -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/18/1933 d.9/12/2013 (80)
Hall of Famer, Engineer, Inventor, Physicist
Misc: Dolby Noise Reduction Systems A,B,C,HX Pro, 4-channel surround system, 6-track SRD

🎭Oliver Hardy -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/18/1892 d.8/7/1957 (65)
Movie Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: b. in Harlem, GA; MN:Norvell; NN:Babe
Misc: of Laurel & Hardy
Movie Titles: The Flying Deuces, Sons of the Desert, Way Out West, The Music Box

✍🎭John Hughes -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/18/1950 d.8/6/2009 (59)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Curly Sue, Uncle Buck, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Mr. Mom, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Uncle Buck, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science

🎭🎵Danny Kaye -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/18/1911 N.S. d.3/3/1987 N.S. (76)
Actor, Comedian, Variety Show Host, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; NN:Rubber Face; RN:David Daniel Kominsky; Sylvia Fine's hubby
TV Shows: Danny Kaye Show (host)

🎭Sid Newman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/18/1920 d.4/10/2001 (81)
TV Shows: Larry Sanders Show (as Sid), Seinfeld (as old man)

⛪🎵🎷Jan Van Halen -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/18/1920 d.12/9/1986 (66)
Roman Catholic, Pianist, Saxophonist, Bandleader, Jazz Clarinetist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Names/Places: Eddie & Alex's father (missed his future grandson Wolfie by five years)
Song Titles: Big Bad Bill (is Sweet William Now, on the Van Halen album "Diver Down")

🎭🎵Bobby Bennett -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/27/1938 d.1/18/2013 (74)
Hall of Famer, Comedian, Dancer, Songwriter, Musician, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Famous Flames (the backing band for James Brown)

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🎭🎵🎸Glenn Frey -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/6/1948 d.1/18/2016 N.S. (67)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Classic Rock Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Detroit, MI
Group Names: The Eagles (through 1980), soloist
Song Titles: Take It Easy, Witchy Woman, Best of My Love, One of These Nights, Lyin' Eyes, Take It To The Limit, New Kid in Town, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, Heartache tonight, The Long Run, I Can't Tell You Why (previous titles as lead of The Eagles), The One You Love, Sexy Girl, The Heat is On, Smuggler's Blues (which inspired a Miami Vice episode), You Belong to the City, True Love
Album Titles: Eagles, Desperado, On The Border, One of These Nights, Hotel California, The Long Run (previous titles as lead of The Eagles), No Fun Aloud, The Allnighter
TV Shows: South of Sunset (TV bomb)

🎭🎵Charlotte Greenwood -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/25/1893 d.1/18/1978 (84)
Movie Actress, Comedienne, Dancer, Singer

🎭"Curly" Howard -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/22/1903 d.1/18/1952 (48)
Movie Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: NN:Babe; RN:Jerome Lester Horwitz; Moe's & Shemp's brother
Misc: some say b. 1906
Movie Titles: The Three Stooges (Curly 1932-47)

Lucille Kallen -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/28/1922 d.1/18/1999 (76)
Comedy Writer
TV Shows: Your Show of Shows (the only woman on the team of comedy writers behind Sid Caesar's show)

🎭Stanley Prager -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/8/1917 d.1/18/1972 (55)
Comedian, Director

🎭Bert Wheeler -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/7/1895 d.1/18/1968 (72)
Names/Places: RFN:Albert Jerome
Misc: half of the Wheeler & (Robert) Woolsey slapstick comedy team of the 20-30's

Carl Zuckmayer -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/27/1896 d.1/18/1977 (80)
Dramatist/Playwright, Satirist, German

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In 1644, the first UFO sighting in America occurs, by perplexed Pilgrims in Boston.

In 1882, writer A.A. (Alan Alexander) Milne was born. He authored “Winnie the Pooh,” “When We Were Very Young,” “Now We Are Six,” “The House at Pooh Corner.” and other works. He died on January 31, 1956.

In 1892, comedian Oliver (Norvell) Hardy of Laurel and Hardy fame was born in Harlem, Georgia. One-half of a vaudeville team with Stan Laurel, the duo made countless number of “Laurel and Hardy” films, mostly around the early 1930s. He died on August 7, 1957.

In 1945, “Cocktails For Two” by Spike Jones entered the Top 40 chart.

In 1952, The Donald Duck film, “Donald Applecore” is released. Chip ʹnʹ Dale also appear.

In 1952, Jerome “Curly” Howard of Three Stooges fame died in San Gabriel, Calif., at age 48.

In 1956, Little Richard enters the pop chart at #26 with “Tutti Frutti.” His original beats out covers by Elvis Presley and Pat Boone. Also the Top Fifty pop album chart which is dominated by records like “Jackie Gleason Plays Music for Lovers Only” and “Jackie Gleason Plays Romantic Jazz,” lists its first rock and roll entry. Billy Haley and the Cometsʹ “Rock around the Clock” is #12.

In 1960, R.C., “Running Bear” by Johnny Preston peaked at #1 on the pop singles chart.

In 1963, Walt Disneyʹs movie “Son Of Flubber” was released in movie theaters.

In 1964, R.C., “Drag City” by Jan and Dean peaked at #10 on the pop singles chart.

In 1964, R.C., “The Marvelous Toy” by The Chad Mitchell Trio peaked at #43 on the pop singles chart.

In 1964, The Beatles entered the Billboard U.S. singles chart for the first time with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” at #35, just ten days after its release, making it the fastest-breaking and the fastest selling single in Capitol Records history.

In 1973, John Cleeseʹs final episode on Monty Pythonʹs Flying Circus on BBC.

In 1973, “Super Fly” single by Curtis Mayfield was certified Gold by the RIAA

In 1974, in a Brady Bunch episode called “Out of This World”, Former astronaut James McDivitt, the man who saw a UFO in space, guest stars; Bobby and Peter camp out in the backyard, looking for UFOs. After they meet General McDivitt, the boys are convinced that they have spotted one and go back the next night with camera to prove it.

In 1975, “The Jeffersons”, TV Comedy spinoff from “All In The Family”, debut on CBS. Weezy! Where are you! Stars Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford as Archie Bunkerʹs neighbors who, as the showʹs theme song explains, move on up to the East Side to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

In 1979, “Delta House”, TV Comedy based on the John Belushi movie “Animal House”, debut on ABC for a short run.

In 1980, it was the day that Disco died when Studio 54 owners in New York, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, were sentenced to 3½ years in prison for tax evasion and fined $20,000. Pundits point to this moment when Studio 54 lost its directors, it lost its direction. Steve Dahl, a well-known hater of disco music, could not be reached for comment as he was probably celebrating its eventual demise.

In 1986, on the cover of TV Guide: “cast of Night Court”. Other Articles: Muppets Tony Curtis

In 1986, “The Redd Foxx Show” began airing on ABC

In 1992, “Iʹm Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred entered the Top 40 chart.

In 1994, “Loser” single by Beck was released

In 1996, “Games Rednecks Play” album by Jeff Foxworthy was certified Multi Platinum 2.00 by the RIAA

In 1999, “So Weird” began airing on Disney Channel

In 2014, “My Big Redneck Family” began airing on CMT

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Today is Fri Jan the 18 in the year 2019
Jan 1 began on a Tue
This is day 18 of the year
Serialnumber = 43471
Julian date = 2458490 O.S.= 1 - 5 - 2019



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Astrological sign: Capricorn: The Goat (12-22 thru 1-20) Ruling Planet: Saturn; Element: Earth; Traits: Ambitious, disciplined, persevering, pessimistic; Body part associated with this sign: The knees. Occupations: Positions of trust, banking, mountain climbing, coaching, engineering.
Astrological sign: Aquarius: The Water Bearer (1-21 thru 2-19) Ruling Planet: Uranus; Element: Air; Traits: Humanitarian, independent, inventive, aloof; Body part associated with this sign: The legs; Occupations: Teacher, social worker, astronomer, astrologer, scientist, inventor.
January was originally the eleventh month. Its name comes from the Roman two-faced god Janus, protector of Heaven's gate.
Flowers: carnation and snowdrop
Full Moon: the Wolf Moon
Gems: garnet and hyacinth
Meanings: the sentimental meaning of the garnet is for constancy, and the carnation is for friendship.
Blood Donor Month
Business and Reference Books Month
Crime Stoppers Month
Human Resources Month
January Diet Month
March of Dimes Birth Defects Month
National Be On-Purpose Month
National Book Blitz Month
National Egg Month
National Barbecue Month.
Date Your Mate Month.
Fungal Infection Awareness Month.
National Eye Care Month
National Hobby Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Prune the Fat Month
National Retail Bakers Month
National Soup Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month
National Yours, Mine and Ours Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Your Money Month
Thyroid Awareness Month
Wheat Bread Month
Coma-Berenicid meteor shower, radiant in Coma Berenices (thru 1-22)
Delta Cancrid meteor shower, radiant in Cancer, west of Praesepe (thru 1-20)
Women's Festival of Juno (Roman holiday).
[Ancient Rome] a d xv Kal Feb
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